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Gain True Network Visibility & Control [Demo]

Steve Petryschuk  (Technology Advocate, Auvik)

Date: Thursday, December 3

Time: 11:00 am - 11:15 am

Pass Type: December Only - Get your pass now!

Event Type: Session

Track: Dec - Networking

Vault Recording: TBD

When you get an alert from your incumbent NMS, do you:

  • Instantly know exactly what devices and users are affected (every single one)?
  • Fully understand the "blast radius" without having to manipulate the data?
  • Have what you need to clearly and visually relay the scope of the problem to management without extra effort?
No? Not really? What alerts?

During this demo, you’ll see how Auvik’s cloud-based network management system can help your IT team gain true network visibility and control—and solve your most problematic network issues in mere minutes (not hours, days, or weeks).

In this sneak peek, you’ll see how you can use Auvik’s:

  • Real-time network mapping and inventory to instantly access full details for every device on the network (including hardware lifecycle data)
  • Pre-configured and customizable alerts to identify, prioritize, and solve issues fast
  • Deep network traffic insights to see who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going—even when the traffic is encrypted
  • Automated config backup and restore on network devices to mitigate network risk with no manual effort
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