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Devops Pizza Shop: Introducing Devops Fundamentals Through Visualization and Real-World Scenarios

Tyler Auerbeck  (Site Reliability Engineer, Red Hat)

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Event Type: Session

Track/Topic: DevOps

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

Learning new technology is hard. It's exponentially harder for those of us who don't focus on that given piece of technology on a daily basis. This only becomes even more complicated the further removed you are from working with technology or the associated practices on a daily basis. But even given this complexity and these challenges, there is always value in being familiar with the practices that are implemented in association with this technology. Just because you don't know what Jenkins does, doesn't mean there isn't value in understanding high level concepts associated with continuous delivery. What we'll discuss during this session is how we've approached introducing DevOps practices such as CICD, Infrastructure as code and other app dev practices using various visualization techniques and attaching these implementations to a real world scenario that most everyone is familiar with: a pizza shop.