Abeyta, Lisa

Title: Founder & CEO

Company: APPCityLife

Abreu, Claritza

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: LatInc

Althaus, Greg

Title: CTO

Company: RackN

Amitai, Ofer

Title: CEO and Founder

Company: Portnox

Anaissie, Tania

Title: Lecturer and Experience Designer

Company: Stanford d.school


Bair, Jessica

Title: Senior Manager, Advanced Threat Solutions

Company: Cisco

Bates, Camberley

Title: Managing Director and Analyst

Company: Evaluator Group

Berkner Boyt, Maureen

Title: Founder

Company: The Moxie Exchange Movement

Brett Goldman, Kathryn

Title: Director

Company: KBG Solutions Ltd

Bush, Lori

Title: Mayor Pro Tem at Town of Cary; Technical Lead at Learning@Cisco


Butler, Brandon

Title: Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Networks

Company: IDC


Carolan, Jason

Title: Chief Cloud Officer

Company: Peak 10 + ViaWest

Carter, John

Title: Founder, President, and CTO

Company: ReconaSense

Cervantes, Cesar

Title: Software Developer

Company: HCL Technologies

Charrington, Sam

Title: Founder

Company: CloudPulse Strategies

Chou, Yung

Title: Principal Cloud Architect

Company: BlueMetal, an Insight company

Chunikhin, Oleg

Title: CTO

Company: Kublr

Cordova, Robert

Title: Owner

Company: Rob Cordova Consulting, LLC.


Dixon, Tim

Title: CEO

Company: InterOptic


Emison, Joseph

Title: CTO

Company: BuildFax

Estwick, Amelia

Title: Program Manager

Company: National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College


Fitzhugh, Rebecca

Title: Technical Marketing Engineer

Company: Rubrik

Foster, Greg

Title: Software Engineer

Company: Airbnb

Frey, Ester

Title: Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

Company: Amazon


Garner, Dirk

Title: Principal Consultant

Company: Garner Consulting

Goldberg, Nolan

Title: Senior Counsel

Company: Proskauer

Goodman, Janine

Title: Vice President

Company: Avenue4 LLC

Gracely, Brian

Title: Director Product Strategy - OpenShift

Company: Red Hat

Gray, Genetha

Title: Data Scientist

Company: Intel

Gridelli, Stefano

Title: CEO

Company: NetBeez, Inc.

Groll, Jayne

Title: CEO

Company: DevOps Institute


Hernandez, Tara

Title: Senior Director

Company: Linden Lab

Hinson, Jill

Title: President

Company: ChangeFusion

Hirschfeld, Rob

Title: CEO

Company: rackn.com

Hoffer, Greg

Title: Vice President of Engineering

Company: Globalscape

Hubbard, Patrick

Title: Head Geek

Company: SolarWinds

Hubbard, Mandy

Title: Software Engineer/QA Architect

Company: CS Disco

Huber, Jennifer

Title: Yoga Instructor


Hughs, Will

Title: Head of Fixed & Unified Communications

Company: Vodafone Americas

Hui, Kenneth

Title: Technical Marketing Engineer

Company: Rubrik


Jackson, Dane

Title: Network Team Lead

Company: Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Joseph, Lorne

Title: Managing Consultant

Company: eGRC.COM

Joshipura, Arpit

Title: General Manager, Networking & Orchestration

Company: Linux Foundation

Julian, Jere

Title: Extensibility Engineer

Company: Arista Networks


Kehoe, Michael

Title: Staff Site Reliability Engineer

Company: LinkedIn

Kirkwood, Grant

Title: Co-Founder and CTO

Company: Unitas Global

Kleyman, Bill

Title: CTO

Company: MTM Technologies


LaMagna-Reiter, Robert

Title: Sr. Director, Information Security

Company: First National Technology Solutions

Lentz, Drew

Title: Solutions Architect

Company: Frontera Consulting

Lin, Derek

Title: Chief Data Scientist

Company: Exabeam

Lindsey, Marc

Title: President

Company: Avenue4 LLC

Lowe, Scott

Title: Engineering Architect

Company: VMware, Inc.

Lyon, Tom

Title: Chief Scientist

Company: DriveScale, Inc.


MSV, Janakiram

Title: Analyst, Advisor, Architect

Company: Janakiram & Associates

Mahajan, Romi

Title: Director

Company: Blueprint

Malik, Ajay

Title: CTO

Company: Lunera

Mann, Andi

Title: Chief Technology Advocate

Company: Splunk

Maynard-Koran, Peyton

Title: Senior Director - Worldwide Infrastructure

Company: Whole Foods/Amazon

McCaffrey, James

Title: Research

Company: Microsoft

McCarthy, Dave

Title: Senior Director, Products

Company: Bsquare

Murray, Mike

Title: Vice President, Security Intelligence

Company: Lookout


Newton, Greg

Title: Vice President, Technology

Company: Asurion


O'Duinn, John

Title: Founder

Company: Release Mechanix, LLC

Okafor, Juliet

Title: VP, Global Business Development

Company: Fortress Information Security


Pabrai, Ali

Title: CEO

Company: ecfirst

Parzych, Dawn

Title: Director

Company: Catchpoint

Patterson, Seth

Title: Executive Director, Client Architecture

Company: Peak 10 + ViaWest

Pennacchi, Mike

Title: Owner

Company: Network Protocol Specialists, LLC

Perch, Kassandra

Title: Developer Relations Engineer

Company: IOpipe

Peters, Sara

Title: Senior Editor

Company: Dark Reading

Pironti, John

Title: President

Company: IP Architects

Porter, Rachel

Title: Web Development Specialist

Company: Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH)

Price, Dwayne

Title: AVP & Technical Solutions Manager

Company: T. Rowe Price


Radcliffe, Rosalind

Title: Distinguished Engineer

Company: IBM

Raimundo, Nicole

Title: CIO

Company: Town of Cary

Redbeard, Brian

Title: Chief Architect

Company: CoreOS

Reiss, Tami

Title: Product Leader

Company: Justworks

Riley, Bratton

Title: CEO

Company: Citibot, LLC

Robinson, Scott

Title: Director of Business Intelligence

Company: Lucina Health

Rogier, Boris

Title: VP Product Management

Company: Accedian

Roll, Stewart D.

Title: Principal

Company: Climaco, Lefkowitz, Peca, Wilcox & Garofoli Co., LPA

Ruiz, Eduardo

Title: Senior Director of Information Technology

Company: Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health


Sawyer, John

Title: Associate Director of Services

Company: IOActive, Inc.

Schaller, Byron

Title: Principal Architect

Company: RoundTower Technologies

Shapira, Gwen

Title: System Architect

Company: Confluent

Steffens, Jennifer Sunshine

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: IOActive

Stovall, Jeff

Title: CIO

Company: City of Charlotte, NC


Tynan, Katy

Title: Chief Talent Strategist

Company: CoreAxis Consulting


Underwood, Jen

Title: Founder & Principal Consultant

Company: Impact Analytix, LLC


Wallgren, Anders

Title: CTO

Company: Electric Cloud

Whiteley, Rob

Title: Chief Marketing Officer

Company: NGINX

Wilson, Tim

Title: Editor in Chief

Company: Dark Reading


Xu, Yu

Title: Co-founder and CEO

Company: TigerGraph