Eric WeissVice President, Customer Success & SalesUplogix

As Vice President of Customer Success and Sales at Uplogix, Eric is accountable for the overall success of Uplogix and its customers. Eric has worked in every customer facing role at Uplogix, which has left him with both schizophrenia and a strong, impassioned commitment to excellence that helps him call things the way they are and see them through to success. One of Eric's strengths is his ability for solving complex and varied problems. This may be due to his complex and varied background – perhaps he learned how to break problems down into manageable pieces through his experience as a kosher butcher? Or maybe it was writing AI code or prototyping robots in the 80's? Eric also has a background (and a Ph.D.) in Particle Physics, a field he approached with the earnest goal of achieving superpowers. Luckily for us, and despite what he tells his kids, the requisite comic book-like catastrophic event never occurred and Eric, while unusual, is still 100% human. Maybe.