Eric ScalesDirector of Security Consulting ServicesMandiant, a FireEye Company

Eric Scales is a Director in Mandiant’s Denver office with over eighteen years of experience in consulting services and computer and information security. His primary role is to lead Mandiant engagements and to direct the activities of the Denver consulting teams. Mr. Scales has expertise conducting enterprise-wide incident responses, red team operations and penetration testing, and strategic corporate security development. He has significant experience working with the healthcare industry, technology industry, and Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Scales performs incident response and forensic analysis for global companies possessing tens of thousands of computer systems throughout the world. Mr. Scales has led incident response teams in multiple Advanced Persistent Threat compromises. Specifically, he was the lead investigator for an incident at a Fortune 500 technology company where he led the team that identified the systematic and ongoing theft of firmware and source code used in many of the company’s product lines.

Additionally, Mr. Scales led Mandiant’s Red Team through a complex, simulated attack against a major government and civilian technology provider.