Jihad NanceCustomer Experience Sales EngineerMimecast

It's fantastic to fix someone's computer or to handily troubleshoot and alleviate a mail flow hindrance, but Jihad Nance, Customer Success Sales Engineer at Mimecast, endeavors to do more than that. The focus of his career has been establishing himself as both a perpetually reliable technical resource and a pleasant point of contact in an industry oft stereotyped to be lacking in social graces. A graduate of the Computer and Electrical Engineering programs at North Carolina State University, Nance has 11 years of experience in the tech space, from "IT Guy," to customer and desktop support, to his current position, in which he serves as a subject-matter expert and guide extraordinaire for Mimecast's valued partners, ensuring enterprise email cyber resilience beyond the confines of mail security. Other than redefining the maxim that IT pros must choose between skill and disposition, Nance is stimulated by fine-tuning deployments to meet individualized organizational objectives, building fruitful relationships with successful Mimecast partners of every industry, and being an in-house mentor to the next generation of Mimecast gurus.