Those APTs You're So Worried About Are Mobile, Too


Mike Murray (Vice President, Security Intelligence, Lookout)

Location: Grand Ballroom E

Date: Friday, May 4

Time: 9:00am - 9:50am

Pass Type: All Access, Conference

Format: Conference Session

Track: Security

Audience: Intermediate

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Intermediate

Enterprises take a lot of care to protect their laptops from APTs. Indeed, the endpoint detection and response (EDR) market soared to over $500 million last year (2016). But evidence indicates that the same nation-states enterprises are spending millions to keep out of their laptops are widely executing targeted attacks on mobile. And enterprises have made it easier for them because they've left mobile devices unprotected.

Key takeaways:

  • By discussing several recent (in the last year) examples of mobile targeted attacks, attendees will gain an understanding that mobile is a growing component of the APT arsenal.
  • How these attacks are so effective. Much like we see in the desktop malware space, socially engineering users via unsolicited messages, in this case SMS, is a really effective approach.
  • While headlines tend to focus on political dissidents and journalists targeted by mobile APTs, we'll use data to help enterprises understand the real risk they face from these attacks, and how to start protecting themselves.

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