Resilient Leadership


Eduardo Ruiz (Senior Director of Information Technology, Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health)

Location: Montego D

Date: Thursday, May 3

Time: 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Pass Type: All Access, Conference

Format: Conference Session

Track: Leadership & Professional Development

Conference Journey: Business Leader

Audience: All

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

Leadership challenges and crises are inevitable and, for the most part, outside our control. But how we respond is within our control—and can determine whether we successfully overcome a challenge or succumb to burnout. Resilience is a critical skill for effective leadership, but it's a quality that you can develop with the right knowledge and practice.

In this session, I will share stories of recent leadership challenges and tragedies—as well as anecdotes from my ten years of fire-rescue experience—that have tested the limits of my resilience. Together, we will assess our capacity to bounce back from a crisis using the REBOUND Framework. We will use hands-on materials to create personalized plans to bolster our resilience reserve. Attendees will leave this session with a framework to improve their response to an emergency, equipped with specific action steps to build resilience into their leadership and prepared to manage the stressors that can contribute to burnout.

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