Future Technologies for Physical Security


Clayton Brown (Co-Founder and VP, Business Development, ReconaSense)

Location: Grand Ballroom E

Date: Friday, May 4

Time: 10:00am - 10:50am

Pass Type: All Access, Conference

Format: Conference Session

Track: Security

Conference Journey: Business Leader

Audience: Intermediate

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Intermediate

What if you could send in a team to manage a physical security threat and be assured that they would follow all protocol and not get injured? What about securing remote locations when you need feet on the ground to take action in an unknown or dangerous situation? We've seen the possibilities of new technologies that could fulfill some of these needs, such as drones, but they have limited ability to take action when people and assets are at risk.

Hear industry veteran and visionary technologist John Carter share what's on the horizon for the next generation of physical security. He will explore the possibilities of robotics, real-world application of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, amalgamation of sensors, and how these emerging technologies can help protect people and property from physical security threats.

Participants will walk away knowing how to:

  • Articulate the challenges and voids that security technology has not been able to fill for physical security to date
  • Describe the advancements in robotics, virtual reality, and big data analysis with high speed capability that are the next horizon of security
  • List additional technology advancements to watch for, with real-world applications, that they could use to improve life safety and asset protection

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