Five Reasons You Want More Women Working in Government IT


Lisa Abeyta (Founder & CEO, APPCityLife)

Location: Jamaica

Date: Thursday, May 3

Time: 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Pass Type: All Access, Conference

Format: Conference Session

Track: Government

Audience: All

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Audience Level: All

Women currently hold about one in four computing jobs in the US and quit their technical jobs at twice the rate as their male counterparts, and within the government sector, women hold fewer higher-paying jobs and are less represented within technical positions. But we all know that. We’ve seen the statistics. We could approach the issue from why this isn’t fair to women, and those reasons would be completely valid. But what if we looked at this issue from the perspective of why your team or agency within government will improve by having more women among your ranks? Consider:

1. Your group's collective IQ will be higher. Seriously. And, no, it isn’t because women have higher IQs.

2. Your team will be happier and more productive. Numerous studies show that teams with more women are not only more positive and happier environments, but they also get more work done.

3. Your group will have better ideas. Not because women have better ideas, but because mixed gender teams are more likely to propose and embrace more creative ideas.

4. You will have better insights into how your teams work will impact citizens. When problems are solved by all-male teams, the insight into how the solution will impact and be accepted by citizens is limited. Broader diversity within teams extends your team’s demographic insight.

5. You’ll expand your own network. By adding more women to your team, you automatically improve your own access to a much broader network, which means you have far more resources to call up to help your agency address initiatives or challenges you’re facing.

Now that you’re convinced, how can you make it happen? We’ll explore a few ways to make government jobs more welcoming for women (and those usually end up making everyone else happier as well).

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