Breaking Out of the Cloud Providers' Walled Gardens


Brian Redbeard (Chief Architect, CoreOS)

Location: St. Thomas

Date: Thursday, May 3

Time: 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Pass Type: All Access, Conference

Format: Conference Session

Track: Cloud

Conference Journey: IT Architect

Audience: Intermediate

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Intermediate

Moving to the cloud is the more than the wave of the future; it's what companies need to do now in order to stay competitive. As this emerging market matures, everyone is figuring out what tools and services they need in order to be successful in this new frontier. The cloud vendors are building their gardens to lure customers by offering the servers from which they can host their applications, and are also starting to offer services to make setting up and managing those applications quicker and easier. Once they have their customer in the garden, they start building a wall with their proprietary services, locking them into a long-term agreements that are difficult to move away from. This behavior stifles competition, innovation, and hampers the ability have flexible, multi-cloud and hybrid deployments.

Kubernetes, and open source tools more generally, are the key to breaking down these walls before they're completed. No cloud vendor offers a complete suite of tools for every company, and many have a need for hybrid deployments - like keeping control over vital, private information, ensuring proper backups and more. A 451 Research survey indicates that a desire for multi-cloud and hybrid deployments is, for a plurality of enterprise respondents, the driving force behind Kubernetes adoption.

This session will discuss:
-What cloud vendor lock in is
-Why does it matter
-How you can avoid lock in with open source and Kubernetes

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