Benchmarking Business Alignment & the New Goals of IT


Kathryn Brett Goldman (Director, KBG Solutions Ltd)

Location: Montego C

Date: Monday, April 30

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Pass Type: All Access, Summits & Workshops

Format: Workshop

Track: Leadership & Professional Development

Conference Journey: IT Manager/Executive

Audience: All

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

Just when we started to get some progress towards IT moving into a valuable, trusted provider of IT services… the goalposts have moved. In this session we will discuss at a macro level how the world has changed, and what the future of IT may look like in terms of Business Alignment, Strategic IT Relationships, and the role and value of IT as a function.

In this workshop we will cover the topics of Business Alignment and the newer goal of IT Convergence. We then look at the components which make up Business/ IT Alignment: the 5 pillars of people, Demand, Supply, Leadership/Culture, and Metrics. Attendees are then guided through a multi-level and interactive workshop where they can use what they know about their own IT organizations to determine a high level estimate of alignment, as well identifying areas where the 'IT-Business Gap' may exist. They will also have templates and tools to take away to do further measurements when they return to their roles for deeper analysis. At the end we will cover case studies and common ailments/challenges in IT Business Relationships, as well as have a chance to present our findings to the group and discuss remedies based on best practice in the field today.

Workshop Agenda:

  • What is alignment and why is "Aligning with the Business" no longer good enough for Enterprise IT? What does this mean in terms of IT operating models, the value & supply chains, and what role do vendors play? Old IT vs. "New IT?" What is IT Convergence? What are the key components and processes of IT/Business Engagement? What does good or great look like?
  • 5 Pillars of IT/Business Convergence. Including the new areas of IT competency such as Business Acumen, IT Culture, Organizational Change Management, Customer Experience Management, Business Relationship Management/CRM, Demand Management.
  • Measurements Exercise
  • Strategy Exercise: How do set a goal for where you want to be, and how do you measure where you are now?
  • Case Studies, common challenges, and examples of what "good" and '"great" look like in real life.

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